Posted by: Carl Surgey | 23 April 2020


Under current lockdown restrictions pretty much all face-to-face driver training has been suspended.

My professional body the Driving Instructors Association (DIA), advised all Approved Driving Instructors (ADI), nearly 5 weeks ago, that all such training should cease.

Key Workers

However there are certain “Key Workers” who may need some training and testing during the current lockdown to enable them to better carry out their jobs. These could include:

Key workers requiring a driving licence to do their job.

Key workers who may need some form of refresher or updated training to comply with insurance requirements.

Key workers being asked to do more driving than they are used too and feel they need some refresher training or a confidence boost.

Voluntary Register

I have joined the voluntary Key Worker Training Register.

After online training to ensure the health and safety of both students and myself and then passing the required tests I will be offering training to those key workers that require it.

Applying for a Driving Test

I have published the current policy from both government and DIA sources which can be found in my previous posts. But to recap:

If you are a key worker and need to pass a driving test then you apply to the Driver &  Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to be recognised as a key worker.

You then apply for an emergency driving test appointment with the DVSA. Please note that this may not be in the local area i.e. could be Edinburgh, Glasgow or Newcastle etc.

Then we will work out a training plan leading up to your test. In the current circumstances I will not be offering the usual 1 or 2 lessons per week. I essence we will have to do an intensive course consisting of a number of 6-7 hour days just prior to your test date. I would envisage that we will have to spend some time in the area in which you will be taking your test which will involve you driving us to the location. This will form part of the lesson.

Updating Your Driving Skills

If you are required by your work to drive as part of your work duties then your employer has a duty of care the same as if they employed you as a driver for the company. This may mean that they are required to ensure that your driving meets certain minimum standards. It may be that their or your insurance requires that you take some additional training and assessment.

You may feel that your skills are not what you would wish if you are faced with driving more than usual or in areas that you are not familiar with.

I can offer you a personal and customised course of training tailored to your requirements. However you still need proof that you are a key worker. This could be your Staff ID or a letter from your organisation supporting your key worker status.

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