Posted by: Carl Surgey | 5 June 2020

Communication with DVSA

This is the latest update from DVSA on when lessons might start again. From my professional body the Driving Instructors Association (DIA).

We have spoken this week, as usual, to DVSA and yet again impressed upon them the need for further guidance and communication on the resumption of testing and training.

In our conversations yesterday the agency appraised us of the many hurdles they need to jump over to open up testing again and the core issue they face of not being able to make any decision as the agency alone about restarting testing. They are dependent on central government approval to resume testing at any level.

We have asked that CEO Gareth Llewellyn communicates the challenges faced and the steps which need to be taken directly to trainers so they can at least understand why giving a firm date is so difficult and what has to be in place for services to fully resume. 

We impressed upon Mr Llewellyn the need and value of any communication directly from DVSA at this time, given there has been no direct communication since 22 April. He has agreed to seek approval from Department for Transport to share more information on the process to date, and the process ahead, so the industry has a better understanding of the challenges – and what this may mean in terms of a timeline for resuming tests.

Given the hurdles to be jumped before testing can resume, it is the view of NASP that it is highly questionable that tests scheduled in June will go ahead. The need for trainers to have enough time to get back on the road, and adequately prepare their pupils (unless they are already engaged in the delivery of key worker rider or driver training) should be paramount. As the gap rapidly closes between now and when the first tests are scheduled, we feel the opportunity for trainers to prepare pupils is slipping away. We have maintained throughout this crisis that trainers should have a minimum of three weeks’ notice to train pupils before tests resume.

We will continue to push DVSA for direct communication and guidance to the industry and have asked that this be made by early next week.

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