Posted by: Carl Surgey | 20 June 2020


Confusion caused with test emails  – and the communication you should be making to your pupils

DVSA have apologised for emails being sent (in error) to candidates this week about the rescheduling of tests which may have caused confusion. 

The email was sent in error as the existing booking platform automatically generates a standard email when tests are moved within the system. DVSA will update us when they expect the first tranche of pupils to be contacted to book a new test. Priority in this process will be given to pupils who have been waiting the longest for tests to be rescheduled and those pupils can expect to be sent their link to book first.

An important communication trainers can make now, to those pupils who booked their own test, is that the pupil (when they have received their link) should consult with their trainer first before leaping to choose a new date. It is important trainer and pupil are aligned on what is the best date for a new test, given the need for an appropriate amount of refresher training needing to be scheduled in before test. 

It is also our advice that expectations are properly managed around when new tests may be available for any new Learners you are looking to on-board in the near future. As you can see with the challenges ahead in resuming enough testing to allow DVSA to catch up tests rescheduled due to lockdown, it will be some time before new tests can be booked in. 

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