Posted by: Carl Surgey | 25 August 2020

England and Wales ONLY! WHY?

Reopening the driving test booking service
We are reopening the driving test booking service on Wednesday 26 August at 8am. Driving tests will be available to book in England and Wales but will be limited, with only 35,675 tests available to book for the next six weeks. This is until the next set of tests are released on 1 September, so a rolling 6-week period is available. Changes to the booking service As a result of high demand we have introduced a queuing system to ensure the stability of the system, so when you or a pupil logs in, you will not have access to the system straight away. You will be held in a queue and given a queue number. We will update and our social media with information on driving test availability. It is possible that you will be held in the queue for some time; please do not try to access the system using multiple devices. We will update and our social media channels to let everyone know when all tests sell out. Making sure your pupils are prepared We know the demand for booking driving tests is really high, with over 870,000 individual devices trying to access our booking system on Friday. Only 35,675 driving tests will be available when the booking service reopens until the next set of tests are released on 1 September. When you or your pupils arrange a test, they will be able to see available appointments within the next 6 weeks. We’re not taking bookings any further in advance so we can react quickly to any changes in government guidance about coronavirus. It is vital that your pupils are test ready if they want to book now, as tests could be at short notice. Fewer than 50% pass the test and there could be long waiting times for a re-test – so you or your pupils should only book when they are confident they can pass. We encourage you and your pupils to make sure they have spent time practising on a variety of roads and in different driving conditions before booking a test. Test slot availability If your pupil can’t book a test at their local centre, other nearby centres may be available. Your pupil should be properly prepared and able to take at test at any driving test centre. After 26 August, new test slots will be made available on Tuesday 1 September and every Monday after that. You and your pupils will need to check again when we add new tests if you cannot find one immediately.  Test centres in Scotland Test centres in Scotland remain closed, except for motorcycle tests as a result of Scottish Government rules. Driving lessons in Scotland resumed on 24 August and driving tests will resume on 14 September. Tests in Scotland are not currently available to book and we will let you know when we open the booking service for candidates. We will initially prioritise those who have previously had tests cancelled as a result of the pandemic. Customer service centre Our customer service centre is still receiving an extremely high number of calls and emails. We’re sorry for the delays in getting through. You will not be able to book or secure an earlier date for your driving test if you call us. Please help by only calling if absolutely necessary; new slots and cancellations are only available online.

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