Posted by: Carl Surgey | 10 September 2020

Inviting candidates to choose a new test date

Inviting candidates to choose a new test date
Before the driving test booking service reopened for the general public, we emailed candidates with a test on hold to give them priority to book a new test date. Some of these candidates have still not chosen a new test date. We’ll be emailing them again from tomorrow (Thursday 10 September 2020) to remind them they need to do this. This is the last time we will be able to give your pupils with a test on hold priority to choose a new test date. Choosing a new date The email will include a link to the online booking system to choose a new test date. Only candidates who already have a test on hold will be able to use this. Your pupils will need to choose a new test date before 11.30pm on Sunday 13 September 2020 to have priority over the general public. We will be reopening the booking service for new tests at 8am on Monday 14 September 2020. If your pupil had a test booked before the pandemic but does not receive an invitation to choose a new appointment, they can do this at  All available test slots will be shown on the online service. Your pupils should not contact our customer service centre as they will not be able to book any alternative test slots. Making sure your pupils are ready It’s important that you speak to your pupils before they rebook their tests to make sure: they are ready to take their test you are available to take them As examiners will only be at test centres when they have a test booked, we have increased the minimum notice period for booking a test from 60 minutes to 10 hours. Wearing a face covering All candidates must wear a face covering when taking their driving test, unless they have a good reason not to. This includes if: they have a physical or mental illness or impairment, or a disability that means they cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering putting on, wearing or removing a face covering would cause them severe distress When they arrange their test, they’ll need to say if there’s a good reason they cannot wear a face covering. The email will tell them how to do this. What your pupils can expect when taking their test We’ve published guidance on GOV.UK about what your pupils can expect on the day of their test.

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